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I am in the process of writing a couple of different novels (don’t ask when they’ll be available because they could be the kind that never see publication…), and have written a few short stories – sometimes as part of a flash fiction contest, sometimes as a way to flesh out bits of story.


Wearing different styles of jewelry is a great way to express yourself. Through a lot of trial and error, I found a style I love and hope others love it as well. If you do, look around my shop and find the piece that’s perfect for you.

website design

I’ve been designing websites since the late 90’s – straight html coding, before CSS even. I started designing websites just for myself or friends, but I enjoy the idea of helping people and businesses find their place on the internet and, with my husband, I have started up my one website design business: PureNyx Design.

Great service makes me smile

Great service makes me smile

Well, we all know that a bad review flies like wildfire. It doesn't matter whether it’s by word of mouth or internet or otherwise. Which is why I want to talk about my great experience with the HP Chromebook Support team. First a little back-story. I won my Chromebook...

Music is in my soul

I love music and I love watching performers of all sort. These ladies are super talented and humorous!

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