If you’ve been keeping an eye on my little word count bar, you’ll notice it really hasn’t moved much. I’m still working on that one. But I have been working on jewelry.

Right now, my plan with making jewelry is to just make some. Maybe for friends and family, but mostly to just do something. I figured that if I’m sitting and watching my husband play Skyrim, I can do something productive and it’s not really that hard to set everything up for jewelry now that I have my little design board.

Not to worry, though, I am going to be heading back to my story. It’s definitely something I need to do now. Writing was born out of playing City of Heroes, and if you’re a gamer, you’ve heard the news that NCSoft has basically abandoned the game. It’s painful, especially since two days before the notice, I had actually canceled my account due to inactivity, lack of creativity for writing with my RP peeps, and funding. But I feel that I owe it to, not only myself, but those that I spent 8 years writing with.

Some of the things I got hung up on were how to detail the world, world history, and a few characters don’t quite mesh yet. But I’m going to get back to it. I know a lot of people use index cards to help plotting (another bone of contention with my general story and lack of writing. *grr*). I’m not up for having physical copies of notes floating all over the place. Makes me feel scattered. OCD a bit anyone? But, my husband just introduced me to a program that also has an Android app called Trello that looks a lot like index cards. You can add lists to the card, rearrange them, color label them, and so on. Scrivener, my writing program or choice, also has note cards, but if you have multiple cards stacked, it’s hard to maneuver through them to see what’s there.

I’m going to give Trello a chance to see if it can help me organize my thoughts and story and see if I can figure out where I’ve got holes and what I can do to get the story moving again.

What techniques do you use to get yourself moving after a long period of blahs?



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