Last night, I had one of the coolest dreams.

I was preparing for my Masquerade Ball out at the lake. There were other people around, but I don’t remember who they were. Everyone was fuzzy.

I decided to take a break so I went to sit outside when I saw this beautiful wolf walking slowly. She was colored a soft gray that deepened toward the scruff of her neck and was almost charcoal around her forehead and eyes. Once I noticed her, she became the only thing in focus.

The wolf was a little distance off on the other side of a small stream. Her path took her behind a few of the people between us and when she reappeared, she was a woman. A wolf-pelt sat on her head and hung down her back with the same colorings. She had a charcoal colored stripe across her eyes. And she was beautiful.

She walked over to me with the same slow and steady pace. No one else seemed to see her. It was as though we were in our own pocket of time. The other people around moved as though time had slowed down.

The lady wolf moved silently with unhurried grace. She didn’t speak, but I knew what to do. I held my hand out, much like one would for a pup to scent. Her eyes were deep with knowing. She held out two fingers, tight together. Charms clanked on the bracelets on her wrist, her necklaces chinked together softly.

I stood still, waiting, in awe. She softly pressed her fingers to my palm twice and smiled before turning away.

The world returned to it’s normal speed. And I knew that I had been accepted.

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