Google HangoutAt the end of October, I found myself suddenly working from home and focusing on my web design business. I think I can clearly say that I wouldn’t have been able to do this without Google Hangouts.

It sounds strange, but it’s true. Hangouts are very social, but when I am hanging out with other people, we do them a little differently. We participate in silent hangouts.

Silent you say??

That’s right. The people I hangout with are all working on their own projects, at their own pace, and tend to listen to music or video or maybe just have people in the background. See, I work with writers, even though during the day my focus is on website work. I spend a lot of time – almost daily – with authors, published and aspiring, who need encouragement, or maybe would like to bounce ideas around. Plus, some days I need encouragement or sympathy if the code I’m working on just doesn’t work.

I wouldn’t have that if I was by myself all day long. I would have me and the cats, and trust me, since I am also an aspiring writer, I’m pretty sure that way lies the pathway toward (more) madness.

My hangout buddies, Brooke, Rebecca, and Daniel, keep me grounded, hold me accountable, support me in my desire to slack off, and generally are great people to hangout with.

Working at home, but using Google Hangouts, let’s me have that social aspect of working that I crave and love, while allowing me to focus on building my business, or writing, or whatever it is I’m working on during the day.

So, to you Google, and to you hangout buddies, THANK YOU FOR HANGING OUT WITH ME AND HELPING ME BUILD MY BUSINESS! ::floaty hearts::

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