Well, we all know that a bad review flies like wildfire. It doesn’t matter whether it’s by word of mouth or internet or otherwise. Which is why I want to talk about my great experience with the HP Chromebook Support team.



First a little back-story. I won my Chromebook (an HP 11) in the Give-a-Chromebook last October with this awesome picture. I was so super excited because I don’t really ever win anything ever.

Sometime about mid-May, I began having issues with the charger – sometimes the Chromebook would recognize it, sometimes it wouldn’t. Sometimes other devices would recognize the charger, sometimes they wouldn’t. Sometimes the Chromebook would recognize other chargers, sometimes it wouldn’t. So, I sent a support ticket to the Chrome ninjas not entirely knowing what to expect since I didn’t purchase my Chromebook.

After a few days of back and forth with email troubleshooting and such (it sounds like a long time, but it was mostly because I’d get a response from the Chrome ninjas, but not be able to respond right away because I was away from my desk), they said that it sounded like mine was defective and that they’d send me a replacement.

A replacement for a free device. I was astonished because I honestly didn’t expect anything since I hadn’t purchased anything to begin with.

If this is how HP Chromebook Support treats me, I can only guess how well they treat their paying customers.

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