Consider this my journal of my honeymoon. If you think it needs a tl;dr, then basically it boils down to this: I sailed on my first ship ever – in the ocean – and it was a pirate ship; St. Lucia is a truly beautiful island; and I want to go back. Like next week.

Our trip to St. Lucia was kind of long. The flight left at 5:30 am which meant that we needed to be there by 3:30 am. The airport from which we were traveling is 4.5 hours away, so instead of paying for a hotel room for only a few hours, my brother drove us up there. By the time we arrived on the island, 6 hours later, and then to the resort, another 1.5 hours after that, we had been up for over 36 hours. I honestly didn’t think I had it in me to stay up for such long stretches of time like that any more. *insert whine about feeling old*

I know I was starry-eyed the entire trip to the resort. Our honeymoon signifies a lot of firsts for me, this one being my first outside of the US.

Smuggler’s Cove is gorgeous. It is so different than what I imagine Sandals resorts to be (while I’m sure it’s beautiful in it’s own right, I have yet to see anything about it that stands out as different than the rest which is what I was looking for). Their main color is a vibrant lime green (on the walls!) and they accent it with equally vibrant pink, yellow, green, and blue. Each of the different areas of rooms was painted in one of these colors and given the name of one of the island’s cities.

The food was delicious. We mostly ate at the Cove. It was a buffet-style set up and, while breakfast and lunch were fairly similar with the food offered, each night had a different theme like Indian, Mexican, or St. Lucian (where they showed off the island’s national dish and other local foods). We did eat at two of the other three restaurants: La Trattoria (Italian) and Waterside Grille (Creole). Also super delicious. We didn’t get to eat at Cafe Asia, though. Bummer. 🙁

st-lucia---mamma-and-babiesThe waitresses at all of the restaurants were fabulous. After the first couple of days, we decided to start asking them to surprise us with our drinks during lunch or dinner. Oh, did I mention the rum? Because there was rum. Lots of it. It took about four days of lunches and dinners before we ended up with a duplicate drink. I think they liked being asked to pick something fun for us to try.

We went kayaking one morning. Out into the ocean. It was fun except for my husband rocking the kayak. :p

st-lucia---sunset-cruiseI had a bamboo massage. Totally worth it and so relaxing! And the next night, we went on a sunset cruise. On a pirate ship. Awesome. But we didn’t actually get to see the sun set into the ocean – the clouds got in the way. Boo!

st-lucia---a-pirateOur big event for the week happened on the following day. Our Pirate Day Sail. When we made the reservation, the lady asked if we had any kids with us and, when I replied no, it would be just the two of us, she kind of gave me a strange look. See, the pirate day sail is a trip to Soufriere for families with children. But for us, it was just as awesome as it was for those families, if only to see the crew dressed in pirate costumes and playing tag or water gun fights with the kids.

The sail took us to the northern part of the island to a small town called Soufriere (volcano) and then in a bus up to the Sulfer Springs. It smelled, as you might imagine, like rotten eggs, but it was neat to see and exciting to hear the story about how the springs vent the volcano so it won’t erupt. From there, we took a stroll through the botanical gardens. Beautiful flowers! And the Diamond Waterfall!

Back on the ship, we stopped in a small bay and anchored at sea (he! I’m speaking pirate talk!) and everyone who wanted to could swing off a rope into the ocean for a swim. Or walk the plank. Or dive over the edge. I didn’t swim, but I enjoyed watching the antics of the people who did!

Before too long, we were back at the resort. It was a long day full of wonder.

One of the things I enjoyed was that we always had plenty of time to get ready for dinner and after dinner, there was a bit of time before live music or watching a dance performance. We watched the International Movement Dancers and a fire breather. Breathtaking, really. 🙂

There was one last day of relaxing by the pool and then we were on our way home. It wasn’t nearly as long a trip back, thank the gods.

Now we are back home. One day of work behind us. And I’m planning our next trip.

If you want to see the rest of our pictures, and my crappy videos of the dancers and fire breather, here ya go!

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