I love Illustrator. It’s probably my favorite design related program. Sure, Photoshop is great for photo clean up or manipulation (and I know that there are others out there who can do wonderful things with Photoshop, but not me…) and InDesign is perfect when laying out things like posters, business cards, or other printed materials. But Illustrator… You can create something small in Illustrator, but maybe when you need it, you need it larger. Maybe a lot larger.

And you can do it in Illustrator.

The thing that really gets me though is that I’ve often struggled with adding effects like you can in Photoshop. Beveling or embossing. 3D effects. Maybe even something just plain funky.

Then tonight, I ran across this collection of tutorials. All pegged for Illustrator. I can design a variety of text to my heart’s content. I’m so super excited! ^_^

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