If there’s one thing that’s constant about me, it’s that (for the most part) I like change. Sometimes, it takes me a few days to become comfortable with the idea if it wasn’t mine to begin with, but I usually come around. 🙂

One of the ways I like to add variety to my life is by updating my website (even if nobody really visits it). By update, I don’t mean adding new content or stuff like that, but refreshing the look. And I’ve gone and done it again.

I thought my idea of writing about design in general, how I saw it shape things or influence people, was a great idea, but then I realized it was a little too confining. I wanted to share about my love of design, but I wanted to share about my life, too. It took an article I’d read about how life is design to realize how small the box I’d built was.

And so, I introduce Random Thoughts and Musings: a collection of whatever I feel like sharing. 🙂

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