Last Saturday, my daughter had the opportunity to participate in Tulip Time in Pella, IA with her high school marching band. She’s a member of the flags team – and looks awesome while performing.

The day was going to be a long one. She had one parade in the afternoon and the “lights” parade in the evening.

After watching the first parade, my brother and I walked from our seats on the grass over to the end of the parade to catch up with my daughter. We then wandered all over Pella looking for the food stand with a semi-short line in front of it to get some food and drinks. After that we wandered around some more, sat for a bit, then walked her back to the school bus so she could get ready for the second parade.

Jon and I walked forever back to the car to move it a little closer and do a little technology charging before staking out our place in the second parade. While waiting, we played a few rounds of a fun little card game called _Love Letters._

Total, we ended up walking over 15,000 steps according to my little Fitbit Zip, and it was a really good day. Jon took an enormous amount of pictures with his professional camera. I took some with my phone. I hope you like them!


Jade with the FHS Marching Band, Tulip Time

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Tulip Parade

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