So, if you’re following along, you’ll see that my official word count hasn’t progressed very far. But I have written a little short story for a flash fiction contest! Read it here if you haven’t read it already: The Watcher.

I’m blaming it entirely on how cool it is to watch my husband play Skyrim. (I can play for short bits of time, but give myself anxiety attacks with all the things jumping out at me. The silver lining on that is that my character has mad sneaking skillz *because it takes me twice as long to clear out each map!*)

skyrimBut, Skyrim is fascinating. It’s an open-world, but there’s still a story there! We’ll have our character run off and do a side mission or two, only to have something we did there pop up later in the game. And the thousands of books that are in there! There are so many stories within the story that it’s crazy! And even though the books are fairly short (though some are still longish!), they’re well written. There’s even a journal that you find later where the person writing mentions your character by name – I thought that was pretty sweet.

Yeah. You can pretty much see how cool I think it is, huh? 😉

In other news. I’m just over a month into wearing invisalign aligners. Let me just say: Better than regular braces but still makes your teeth feel like mush under pressure. I’m glad I’m doing it because I don’t want to be that toothless, mid-30s woman, but sometimes – OHMYGODTHEPAIN!!

Next big thing on the horizon is our honeymoon. It’s happening in the future at some indeterminate point in time (to you, my readers – it’s determinate to me *grins*) and I’m not giving any details other than PIRATE SHIP SAIL!!! I will post plenty of pictures after we get back at some time in the future (because we’re not time travelers… >.>)

And now, I’m going to go painfully remove my aligners and eat some dinner which consists of soup, and then write or Skyrim or something enjoyable.

Evenin’ everyone!

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