This week’s been kind of strange. Work was busy, but slow. Up and down all week. The evenings went by in a blur. I did some work on a new website for my jewelry: cooperosities | jewels of the ages.

And a couple times, after I’d laid down to go to sleep, stories hit. Now, I don’t always get ideas when I’m trying to sleep, but over the summer when I did, I just rolled over and fell asleep.

But this week was different. Instead of rolling over, I grabbed my phone/alarm clock, opened Evernote, and started thumb-typing my ideas. Two different nights ended with 200 words.

Today, I felt the urge to re-read those half-thought out ideas and expand on them. They were pretty good to begin with, which in itself was pretty amazing to me.

So, over the course of a 3-hour period in a silent G+ hangout (which I love for writing purposes – you get the camaraderie and can still somewhat focus on writing), I added another 350 words.

Yeah. This week (so far, not sure if I’m done tonight), I’ve written 550 new words. It’s the beginning of my story, so I’m not actually sure if I’m going to add this word count to my bar or start over. I think I need to see where it’s going a bit first. I’m using the basis of what I’ve written previously, it just seems like it’s a little more focused.

I honestly don’t know if what I’m doing is editing my story or going through a re-write since this is the first story I’ve written.

So, I’ll do a little count here until I decide if I’m going to add to or start over the other counter.

550/??? words. 😉

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