The moon glared down, harsh in its white light. Cutting through the bare tree branches that creaked with the cold breeze.

I tucked a bit of stray hair back under my hood and pulled my cloak tighter.

You don’t belong here anymore.

I looked behind me to see where the whisper had come from, but no one, or I guess nothing was there. Just more cold, dark forest. I couldn’t even see the glow from my family’s home anymore.

Run away, little one. Run to your human friends.

I spun. “Wh- who’s there?” The harmony usually in my voice stammered. I spun in a circle. The shadows cut with moonlight showed no one.

“You thought to defy your family’s wishes.” The whisper became a discordant screech, clawing at my ears.

I turned again. The hood of my cloak fell to my shoulders and my hair hung dirty and lifeless around my face, framing the barely glowing green of my eyes.

“You thought to change things. To make them how you want them.”

The beauty in front of me glowed with power. She was a direct contrast to her voice. Where her voice was ragged and scratched like nails on a, her physical appearance was the complete opposite. Her hair was long, white, and flowed almost to the ground. She was the moonlight personified. And she was standing directly in front of me with white glowing eyes.

“You will leave. Never to return. Your powers will forever be diminished among the humans and nothing you do will be able to reverse this decision.” The Moon’s voice raked across my body as I fought the tears that threatened.

With that declaration, she faded and I continued my walk through the silence to find the nearest portal to my new home.

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