I’m silent as the moon. Peaceful as the breeze. No one sees me watching, hears me breathing. But I watch anyway.

I saw the dwarves care for Snow White. I saw the fairies watch over Sleeping Beauty. I saw Cinderella’s glass slipper sitting lone on the stairs. And yet, no one saw me watching. I wanted to help, wished I could move, but I was trapped. Tree to tree I could move, but that was it, and I could only continue to watch.

I saw Snow White’s prince press his lips to hers. Sleeping Beauty’s as well. Cinderella’s Prince Charming as he held the glass slipper for her. And my heart wept with joy for each one.

You see, I’m a Watcher and I cannot interfere. But I can enjoy their Happily Ever After.



Joining in with a few friends over at Yearning for Wonderland‘s latest short fiction contest. The rules: Write a short story inspired by one of the Faerytaleish pins (300 words or less) and post in on your blog. That’s it! Just be inspired and write!

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