Habits – how to get some good ones

Habits – how to get some good ones

Everyone has different ways of trying to build good habits and break bad ones. I’m going to share my most recent experience.

A friend of mine over on Google+ recently introduced me to this website called HabitRPG. It’s premise is to gamify your life by offering XP (xpees, or experience points, for you non-gamers) for doing tasks, building habits, accomplishing things. It’s designed to let each individual person set it up how it works for them, and it also allows that person to adjust things on the fly.

Writing ups & downs, plus mindmaps!

Over the next couple of months, you may notice my word counter swinging up and down. I’m trying a new, more visual, technique to help me be able to see the story I’m writing using mindmaps. As I plot it out, I am also doing a bit of rewriting and...

Writing stat(s)

This week’s been kind of strange. Work was busy, but slow. Up and down all week. The evenings went by in a blur. I did some work on a new website for my jewelry: cooperosities | jewels of the ages. And a couple times, after I’d laid down to go to sleep,...

Creativity! You’re back!!

If you’ve been keeping an eye on my little word count bar, you’ll notice it really hasn’t moved much. I’m still working on that one. But I have been working on jewelry. Right now, my plan with making jewelry is to just make some. Maybe for...

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