Occasionally, I participate in flash fiction contests, or I may be inspired to write a short bit of history to clear up some confusion in my current novel. Posting these in my blog is all well and good, but then weeding through the blog later to find them isn’t so pleasant. So, I decided to create a special home just for these short stories that didn’t have one.



Before the age of 13, I didn’t realize that books could be enjoyable. In fact, I didn’t know that the local library had anything of interest to a person my age – only reference books and “old people” romance novels – or something. It wasn’t until a classmate introduced me to Anne McCaffrey’s Dragons of Pern series that I realized how wrong I was. Her series opened the door to brand new worlds full of fantasy and fiction and days and nights spent reading everything I could get my hands on. It inspired me to try my own hand at writing, but it wasn’t until almost 15 years later when I finally found (well, started to find, anyway…) my own style.



When Zarah suffers a brutal attack in the fight between between the Lords and Wolves, she becomes more than just another victim. Scarred by the Lord’s magic–a single blue-eye–she is marked as a stranger to her father, a target for other Lords, a hero for the Wolves, and someone to be feared by the human villagers.

No longer entirely Wolf, and shunned by the humans in her village, if she is to return to normal, Zarah must seek out help from the very Lords determined to kill her. But as she delves deeper into the strangeness of the folk tales and legends she’s always ignored, Zarah finds that ‘normal’ may not be what she wants after all.


Kassia Boustead, a hot-headed blades master, is trying to find the truth about her past. She found her brother lying dead, the aftermath of a battle with the Silvers, and swore revenge, believing to know the whole truth. But when a fight with some rogue transgenics triggers the start of a transformation within her, Kassia no longer knows what is truth, what is lie, or who she even is. Soon, she’ll have to make a decision about who she is and she wonders which of her friends will be there at the end.

The Watcher

I'm silent as the moon. Peaceful as the breeze. No one sees me watching, hears me breathing. But I watch anyway. I saw the dwarves care for Snow White. I saw the fairies watch over Sleeping Beauty. I saw Cinderella's glass slipper sitting lone on the stairs. And yet,...

The Downpour

In the downpour, I almost passed the Camp Knox motel. It didn’t look encouraging, but I didn’t have much choice. I couldn’t go back; they’d kill me. The office manager looked up from her tabloid when she saw me dripping all over the floor.

“Please tell me you have a room available.”

The Cheshire Cat’s Grin

The Cheshire cat’s grin hung low in the sky, mocking me furiously. I didn’t know why and wasn’t sure I could – or even wanted to find out. I mean, I hadn’t done anything to earn that particular grin, but there it was.

I sat on the porch until I was nearly frozen, staring and wondering. The grin was silent, keeping its answers close. When I finally went back inside, my husband looked at me with curiosity and asked, “What’s so funny?”

The Moon

The moon glared down, harsh in its white light. Cutting through the bare tree branches that creaked with the cold breeze. I tucked a bit of stray hair back under my hood and pulled my cloak tighter. You don’t belong here anymore. I looked behind me to see where the...

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