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Today a tavern, tomorrow the world!

(or maybe the Undermountain…)




 Dungeons & Dragons. 



Xztan Trading Co.

My family’s gaming group name – named after the world in the first game we played together.

Could it get any better?

I’ve dabbled in many creative efforts over the years – from writing to drawing to web design.

By day, I’m the owner of Tiny Owl Studio, building and maintaining websites for a variety of clients.

By night, I am a masked crusader DND nerd who has turned her creative work towards creating a bunch of fun stuff to support my family’s game nights. Sometimes, this means I spend hours painting mini props my husband has 3D printed; sometimes I spend hours modifying papermini illustrations to match our characters.

My husband and I also own Monstrum Studio as a way for us to collaborate and publish DND and gaming material, and we also set up a Ko-fi (if you’d like to support our efforts) as we gather ideas for eventual publication on DMsGuild.

I was recently diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a connective tissue disorder, so it’s become that much more important to me to spend time I feel well doing the things I love.

You can see my Instagram gallery that has everything from painting sessions to my cats and, occasionally, photos of my children.

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