My Teaching Philosophy

I believe a combination of teacher- and student-centered learning approach is the best option to allow me to interact with all of the students and teach them in a manner that instills an appreciation for life-long learning. By using this approach, I will be able to help students improve their self-esteem and reach their full potential.

Statement of Beliefs

  • The purpose of education is to provide children the knowledge of the world and people around them to understand life and society.
  • A teacher’s role is to guide students toward knowledge and show commonalities between real-life knowledge and events.
  • While at school, and even outside of school, students are wards of teachers. As such, they should always be aware of their student’s privacy and well-being.
  • A classroom will contain a variety of students. It is the teacher’s responsibility to teach in various ways to cover all learning domains, ensuring each student has the opportunity to learn.
  • Every student deserves the chance to be taught – no matter their differences.
  • I believe that it is essential to accept diversity. Recent events have shown us that this acceptance is not taught often enough. I want to teach – and show – students that social change is crucial and necessary.

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